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Корпоративные разборки :о)

И это все о нем, о goodsmithе :о)

  1. It is obvious you want a vendetta.

  2. I find this question in poor taste and judgement.

  3. Your suspicious mind is wrong in this instance.

  4. If you want to pursue this level of trust, then I see no future in your relationship with distributor N.

  5. Your report (activity report of the producer (!) to a dealer (!!!), goodsmith) was written in a "bragging" and "we are better than you" style. How do you think they received the report by e-mail? …the report would have been written in a lower tone style… This is called "pressurising style". It is the same as "pressure selling". This is normally not well received. You need a softer approach.

  6. В ответ на мое "The only explanation I see is that my English is not good enough and there is definitely a kind of misunderstanding between us" - Oldest trick in the book. Your English is more than adequate and you fully understand.

  7. However, you continue to "play a game" of mistrust.

  8. Your approach is "pressurising", aggressive from a distance and not inducing co-operation.

  9. You are defensive when something positive is reported on distributor N instead of being pleased for the complete European TEAM.

В общем, я страшный человек, бойтесь! :о)))

Не пора ли искать новую работу?

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